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Hi. I'm a web / graphic designer based out of Cincinnati Ohio.

Thanks for visiting...

This is the site I built so long ago when I was doing web design on a freelance basis. I'm now employed full time building software for the Healthcare industry. I love it. But I still have this old website that I didn't really want to blow up, so here it is. It has some of my old work, and some art type stuff I've done. I hope you check it out and mildly enjoy it. If not, please don't tell me about it.

Don't judge me on this site...

It was 2010. I was a relative newbie. Things were done differently then. There was no HTML5 or CSS3. JQuery was a twinkle in Javascript's eye. If I were to build a site like this again, it would rock your socks off. But I don't have time for that.